Moving on up

Imagine moving to a place you love, and then getting to work there as well…?  Well, this dream is exactly what happened for Deborah Monds who now works in the Sovereign Palms sales office on site.  Deborah was already sold on the area when she moved in, but using her experience selling real estate she now has a job in the office and a fantastic lifestyle. Deborah’s mother, Arline Grimshaw, had to leave her Kaiapoi house after the September 2010 earthquake and the two hunted for a place before finding Sovereign Palms.

“There’s a lot to love. It’s got great facilities, playgrounds, a tennis court, a netball court, trees, places to walk my Bichons, and if you love cycling you can bike in safety around Sovereign Palms for 7 kilometres.  Anything you need to buy is in Kaiapoi, it’s got everything,” says Deborah. The two of them are particularly pleased that they were able to design the house layout themselves, making effective use of open-plan living, the garden and other spaces.  The large walk-in wardrobes and pantry, combined with spacious ensuites and the garage full of storage cupboards are features they love. There is a huge range of house designs to choose from and in 2014 there will be 16 show homes to view, profiling the options and styles.

“We’re very satisfied here; the whole idea of moving was a headache and finding a new house was a bit daunting, but this is great,” says Arline. Deborah picks up on the lifestyle benefits; “there’s less stress, improved health, the birds singing in the mornings… There’s trees, greenery and a nice atmosphere.” Deborah says one of the best things is the variety of people they meet: people from the North Island, the deep South, and there are recent enquiries from Dunedin. “Our neighbours in our street came from Avonside, Halswell, Redcliffs and elsewhere in Kaiapoi, from all life stages, and they were all so friendly. We’ve already had two street parties, it’s very welcoming.”